Why Detergents available in the market prove to be BAD for mother Earth?

General detergents, particularly those that contain phosphates and other harsh chemicals, can be harmful to the environment in several ways:
Water pollution: Detergents contain a range of surfactants and other chemicals that can be toxic to aquatic life. When these detergents are washed down drains and into waterways, they can harm fish and other aquatic creatures, upsetting the balance of the ecosystem.
Algal blooms: Phosphates, which are often found in laundry and dish detergents, can stimulate the growth of algae in waterways. This can lead to algal blooms that deprive aquatic creatures of oxygen and further upset the balance of the ecosystem.
Soil degradation: Some detergents contain chemicals that can alter the pH levels of soil, leading to soil degradation and reduced crop yields.

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