How do we order G Solvo once the current pack is finished?

On back side of G Solvo label, there is an arrow to indicate reorder level. Once the liquid has reached that level, one may call on the number provided within the arrow (7821094958). One can even write an email to sales@gsolvo.com for ordering the desired quantity.

Is there any refill pack available for loyal users?

G Solvo is available in 1 litre refill pouch and 5 litre drum as well. So customers need not buy a measuring bottle every time. After using GSolvo from the first 500 ml bottle, one can keep on refilling the same with 1 litre pouch or 5 litre drum.

The foaming is on the lower side, so will GSolvo clean my clothes?

G Solvo is an environment friendly liquid detergent made with plant based ingredients. So unlike detergents made with the help of chemicals, GSolvo will have less foam. Thus, saving the water for washing the clothes. Nonetheless, the plant based enzymes will clean the clothes efficiently.

Is it safe to use G Solvo for washing baby clothes?

G Solvo is made from plant based ingredients, without use of chemicals. Therefore, it keeps the fabric intact, and clothes remain soft. It doesn’t cause any irritation on skin. Thus, it is absolutely safe to wash baby clothes with G Solvo.

Can we wash coloured clothes with G Solvo?

GSolvo is made from plant based ingredients and thus is free from chemicals like bleach, phosphates, etc. It does not harm the fabric of the clothes in any way. So one can wash coloured clothes with G Solvo. In fact, it brightens the coloured clothes.

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