Sangita Sinha

Homemaker, Ranchi


National Secretary, Patna

Uttara Kelkar

Singer, Mumbai

Poornima Oak

Costume Designer, filmfare award winner - 2021

Apeksha Jain

Naturopath, Pune

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor and continuously in search of Bio Products. Currently I use AMWAY SA8 fabric detergent. Recently I came across a sample of GSolvo Liquid Laundry Detergent made with Plant Based ingredients. I used the G Solvo sample on the clinic clothes of my husband and family. The results were amazing with just 20 ml of dose. The clothes were soft and bright after the wash. So I bought myself a 500ml dispenser.

Consumer Speak 1
Dr. Urmila Pethe

BAMS, Kolhapur

"We are using G-Solvo for last few months and we found it very good. Its fragrance and cleaning power is way better than liquid detergents available in market. Also quantity needed is much less. Highly recommended. Thank you G Solvo".

Sandeep Gokhale
Sandeep Gokhale

IT, ERP Professional, Mulund

"Laundry of colour bleeding clothes with normal clothes was tiring job for me. I had to sort out coloured clothes from the laundry and wash them separately by hand. Now, GSolvo has come to my help. With GSolvo, there's no need for me to wash coloured and white clothes separately. I can dump the clothes in the washing machine all at once and let G Solvo work its magic for me. Only care I have to take is remove the clothes from washing machine as soon as the wash cycle is over and not allow the wet clothes to be together. GSolvo helps to retain the colours as it is. And that's not all , GSolvo even has a wonderful fragrance that lingers on your clothes after a wash. Thank you GSolvo."

Asmita Bhide review
Asmita Bhide

IT Professional, Mulund

"I had an amazing experience with GSolvo liquid laundry detergent. Product was exactly what I was looking for, initially when I started using GSolvo instead of my regular detergent liquid I was taken by surprise by the results... my favorite clothes look fresher and colors are intact ..with my earlier detergent powder my brand new clothes used to fade within first 2-3 washes and the novelty of the dress used to be lost.. but with GSolvo this problem was solved  Because of its deep cleaning formula, the clothes kept on looking brighter even after repetitive washes... also since it is made of green items we have environmental advantage as well. Since little quantity of GSolvo is enough compared to other detergent products it is very cost effective and I have value for my money.... thanks GSolvo team for bringing such a niche product in market."

Manasi Dharmadhikari Review
Manasi Dharmadhikari


Gandhali Upadhye Review

In Mango season, Mango stains are inevitable, and you are caught!

Rainy Season in Mumbai and make sure you be ready with few pairs of clothes to be sacrificed to the greasy muddy peculiar stains!!

Risk in Getting your new dress stained is directly proportional to the care you take to prevent the stains!!!

Thanks to Bio-fix and my clothes are saved from being unused due to stains!! And it retains the colour and texture too!!!!

Gandhali Upadhye

Legal Professional, Thane

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